Canada’s New Right Media Ecosystem

This is the landing page for the project. It’ll have a few details about this particular project, including the project’s goals and aims, probably in the form of a particular descriptor.


A screenshot from the Rebel's video covering Andrew Scheer's speech at the Rebel-sponsored convoy This is how it starts October 23, 2019 by Anthony Burton - The difference between the alternative media ecosystem in the United States and Canada's new right new media is that the latter is the establishment that Breitbart loves to hate.
Canada’s New Right New Mediasphere October 18, 2019 by Anthony Burton - We outline the three other major players that constitute the core of the Canadian "new right new media."
The Rebel Yell October 13, 2019 by Anthony Burton - Some insight into the Rebel's role in the Canadian news sphere--and how they have used YouTube to gain a powerful position that frames our investigations of the growing presence of new right ideologies and political forms in Canada.