The Politics of Hate in the Election Campaign

This project conducts an ethnography of far-right political activity in confrontation with a leftist social movement in southern Ontario. A local case study establishes an entry point to the fragmentary social media communities distributed across the political spectrum in discussion of federal electoral campaign issues. The study asks: how do adversarial viewpoints in Canadian politics boil over at the local level to create disruptions in civil order, in the forms of protest, physical violence and intimidation, online disinformation, and targeted doxing?


Conflictual Politics: Hamilton October 24, 2019 by Stephen Neville - The City of Hamilton is the current site of an intense series of confrontations between numerous far-right groups facing off against a unified social movement, known as “No Hate in the Hammer” (NHH). The NHH movement is supported by general Hamilton residents, 2SLGBTQ+ community members, social inclusivity organizations, and the controversial anarchist collective in Hamilton, …