Campaigns and Crowdfunding - Throughout the last decade, online crowdfunding platforms have changed how voters make political donations. Although this turn provides ease for campaigners, it also poses new questions relating to how money moves after the writ drops. Using digital and qualitative methods, this project seeks to investigate the growing role of crowdfunding platforms in election campaigns.
The Politics of Hate in the Election Campaign - This project conducts an ethnography of far-right political activity in confrontation with a leftist social movement in southern Ontario. A local case study establishes an entry point to the fragmentary social media communities distributed across the political spectrum in discussion of federal electoral campaign issues. The study asks: how do adversarial viewpoints in Canadian politics …
Research Persona - This project employs ethnographic and fictional methods alongside digital methods tools to Track new forms of online propaganda (fake news, disinformation, misinformation). Understand new affective and emotional manipulation techniques . Explore the dynamics through which biased and propaganda informational objects shape individual and collective political affects.
Canada’s New Right Media Ecosystem - With the rise of bootstrapped, natively digital media and their confluence with the alt-right, this project asks: what impact does this have on the Canadian media landscape and the close relationship between Canadian media and Canadian politics?